Delivering Better Transportation Solutions.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our employees, customers, suppliers and investors in sustainable balance with our planet.


We are inventing a new class of vehicle. It is halfway between a motorcycle and a car. It is a three-wheeled, electric, narrow vehicle that can be fully enclosed with optional body work. It has the agility and performance of a motorcycle and the practicality of a car.

Our modular vehicle platform will set new standards of performance in several markets. We have patents pending for our unique solution.


Cesar Barbosa, Co-Founder and CEO of Portugal Operations, is a successful Architect who has had a lifelong passion for Classic Cars. For the last 7 years he has dedicated his life to Urban Mobility Solutions and electric vehicles. His inspiration has brought the concept and design of the TUGA vehicle to life.

Kraig Schultz, Co-Founder and CEO of USA Operations, is a successful engineer who has had a lifelong passion for ultra efficient vehicles. He is leading the development of our vehicle platform and setting up the manufacturing systems for our first production.

We are recruiting people and investors to join our team.